Quality, Dependability, and the Assurance of getting your product to you when you need it are all things that make our supply program better than others.
  • P&P International

    P&P International  has established a record of providing packaging solutions to many retailers and food processors world-wide.

    Our commitment to quality in design and manufacturing as well as our excellence in service makes us the industry leader.

  • What we do

    We provide recyclable plastic packaging to the produce, fresh-cut produce, food service, bakery and deli industries.

    Plastic materials consist of PET, PP, PS, OPS, PLA, and HDPE.

  • Our Products

    Our plastic products can be made from post-consumer recycled resin.

    Our paper products are made from many different sources. Some are made from the finest grades of paper available.

    The most environmentally friendly paper products are made from pulp residue from sugar cane processing.

    All of our products are food grade and meet international standards.

  • Our Support

    We understand that if you don’t have exactly the right product at the time that you need it, your business will suffer.

    These values have been tried and true in our relationships with our customers for years.

    Language Services: English, Spanish.