Squeeze Tubes

Squeeze tubes are a perfect package for dispensing lotion without the risk of contaminating the product from your hands. These tubes come in a large variety of colors, diameter’s, fill volumes, and lengths, giving you the power to choose the perfect combinations for your product line.

Airless Pumps

These high-end dispensing pumps are the perfect balance of convenience and luxury. Choose from glass or acrylic, clear or frosted, silver or gold, any other variations to best showcase your brand.

Nail Polish Bottles with Brushes

From high-end coatings to a stock flint glass bottle, we can supply you with the nail polish bottles you need to showcase your brand. Choose from a variety of brushes and cap colors to further customize your product.

Glass Bottles with Orifice Reducers

Orifice reducers are the perfect choice for essential oils, inks, food colorings, and more. Our reducers fit inside either a white or black tamper evident cap and fit on all our Euro glass bottle sizes.

Plastic Massage Oil Bottles & Disc Tops

Choose from a wide range of colors and sizes to match your formulations and branding. Among other closures, disc tops are a great choice with these bottles and can come pre-lined with heat induction liners, foam liners, or pressure seal liners.


Glass or plastic? Round base or square base? Double walled or single walled? Our vast selection of glass and plastic jars will allow you to select just the right jar to match your product and branding.

Roll On Bottles

Fill it, sell-it, and roll it: these roll-on bottles offer a convenient and portable way for your customers to apply a topical oil. These come in Flint (Clear), Amber, or Cobalt Blue and can be frosted to offer a high end look for your brand.


Pumps are the natural choice for dispensing skin care products. Whether it’s a creme for your face, or a lotion for your hands, we can supply the right pump for the job.


Each of our sprayers can be sized to fit any bottle height and come tamper evident or standard. Choose from a range of doses to sync up your concentrated formulas with the right dose.

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